Transforming a tired roof garden into a vibrant customer experience area

Commercial client enquiry....

Can you put the Waitrose Leckford Estate on the 8th Floor of the Southampton John Lewis Department Store and do it within 3 weeks?

Yes we can and did.


Southampton, Hampshire


John Lewis Partnership


Logistics, Design & Installation


November 2019




Bean Nicholson/Adam Knibb Architects

Pulling the rabbit from the hat

We were invited by the John Lewis Leckford Estate to entertain the idea of putting their 'estate' 8 floors up onto the roof of their Southampton department store as part of the £2.5m store remodelling.

In our company there is no such word as "can't", so we set about working out how an idea could become a reality. The first step was to introduce a forward thinking architect, who we had worked with, to the Design Team to bring the scheme together.

We then had to procure all the materials required and work out the logistics as the crane would only be on site for a single night and public roads would have to be closed. Everything else would need to come up either through the store or up through a network of goods lifts......all while the store was open on the run up to Christmas.

In a period of 3 weeks and with nothing less than a Herculean effort from the UP team, the old roof garden was demolished and the new scheme emerged. The project required shifts to work around the clock and the last shift before the press launch saw the team put in a 26 hour effort. As we withdrew the press, management and public arrived to experience this unique installation.

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